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Flying Goose Sriracha

Sriracha is a hot sauce made predominantly from chilli peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt and sugar. It is named after the Thai coastal city of Sri Racha, where Flying Goose manufactures all of their sauces. True Sriracha fans will tell you it goes on anything, but it’s especially excellent in soups, sauces, pastas, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers or on anything else to give it a delicious, spicy kick.

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Content Creation

For Flying Goose fans everywhere, Sriracha is more than just a sauce…it’s a way of life. These on-going themes of wacky, engaging content are designed to really ooze this brand personality, whilst recipes and meal inspiration cement Flying Goose as a credible authority on all things food.

Creative Campaigns

Signature Dish

We devised and executed the Signature Dish Campaign, where we challenged the community to submit their favourite recipes that use Flying Goose Sriracha. Through a series of eye-catching creative, proactive user-interaction and more, we rolled out a multi-platform strategy, funnelling audiences from the social media profiles to the Flying Goose website to submit.

We received an immense 450 recipes, ranging from simple Sriracha ‘n’ Beans to their Nan’s Ratatouille recipes elevated with a spicy kick. This campaign resulted in a massive spike in website traffic during that period, and aided towards heightened product exposure through the user journey. Once the submission date ended, 50 entrants were drawn at random to receive a prize, resulting in further brand exposure through the way those winners then shared their winnings via social media. In all, the Signature Dish Campaign delivered increased website traffic, brand awareness and audience engagement with great success, testament to our know-how in executing creative, social and fan-first campaigns.


Monthly Instagram Giveaways

Our ongoing course of Competition Giveaways for Flying Goose always prove successful. Using the vast range of tools that we have in our arsenal including Paid Promotion, they generate high levels of brand awareness and product exposure each month among our surgically targeted foodie audiences. These giveaways, as well as driving mammoth amounts of traffic, are fantastic opportunities for user-interaction where our Community Managers proactively engage with the participants, always nurturing positive relationships with them to cement the strong, signature Flying Goose brand personality. The consistent, hi-frequency use of competition giveaways also serves to keep Flying Goose at the forefront of our audience’s minds, where as soon as one competition has ended another is around the corner, meaning more incentive to return.

Influencer Outreach

Having developed the Flying Goose UK social media accounts so as they were providing a full and proper representation of the brand, we incorporated a pilot testing phase of influencer outreach; getting sample product into the hands of a highly relevant 9 micro-influencers – each of whom met our stringent criteria for handling brand promotion well.

We nurtured the relationships with this set of 9 micro-influencers, in order to maximise the coverage they could provide; encouraging them to continue to generate exposure for Flying Goose based on their enthusiasm for the brand – resulting in the following whopping data:

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Event Coverage

WingJam London

Flying Goose were one of the lead sponsors for the event WingJam; London’s hottest wing festival. As well as maximising the exposure of the event on social media, through live community management and event ticket giveaways, we also fully managed the Flying Goose activation at the event. This saw us rolling up our sleeves to fully design and decorate the eye-catching centre-piece – The Sriracha Shack – as well drive engagement amongst the 3-day visitors through leaflets, vinyl stickers, Sriracha bottle cut-outs and more.

Additional Flying Goose Work


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