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Jollibee have been serving their delicious Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Yumburgers all over the world since 1978. Intrigued? You have to experience their famous Filipino hospitality as well as the juiciest, tastiest, and crispiest fried chicken around.

“Working with Sushi doesn’t feel like the usual agency/client relationship – it feels like an extension of my internal team. Joining us before we even had a UK website, Sushi have been a key player in our European expansion. Running paid ad campaigns, influencer engagement and everything in between, Sushi have been great partners for Jollibee and I’m thankful for all of their kind support.”

Ashlee Campbell – Head of Marketing, Jollibee Europe

Social Media Tools:

Content Creation Content Creation
Creative Campaigns Creative Campaigns
Strategy Planning Strategy Planning
Community management Community management
Paid advertising Paid advertising
Analytical Insight Analytical Insight
Copywriting Copywriting
Event Coverage Event Coverage
Multilingual Multilingual

Content Creation

Jollibee is among the biggest import sensations to hit the UK Quick Service Restaurant scene in recent years, catapulting their enormous home successes into a European expansion. We lean on their Filipino-inspired brand identity while bringing a unique flair to all on-going social media content, as we aim to attract new customers and bring joy to their established fanbase.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach has been a key part of Jollibee’s growth during their launch throughout the UK and Europe. We have operated large outreach campaigns – across Sushi’s considerable network and beyond – surrounding tent-pole events in the Jollibee calendar from store openings to product launches; reaching out to over 1,000 influencers in the UK, Italy and Spain, and generating substantial levels of highly targeted exposure, engagement and influencer-generated content.

Event Coverage

Jollibee is no stranger to running cool events; from new store openings with queues round the block, to highly anticipated product launches, and Student Nights with in-store DJs.

Whilst Sushi loves a party, we also love magnifying the potential of these offline events through meticulously executed support; everything from creating a buzz in the build-up, imparting quick and clear communication to attendees, capturing the big moments to get noticed online, designing key assets (including giant props for photo opportunities, bespoke gifts for attendees, uniform for staff, etc), and more (much more).

Creative Campaigns

Jollibee know how to GO BIG in their campaigns, with Sushi there every step of the way to turn heads online and in-store through meticulously planned and creatively executed nationwide activations.

Moments of Joy

Jollibee ran their massive ‘Moments of Joy’ giveaway-lead campaign in 2022, that involved multiple prizes (including a £10,000 Holiday), with orders via the newly created ‘Jolliapp’ counting as entries.

We created a wide range of assets that allowed both the online, in-app and in-store presentation communicate the vastness of the giveaway, combined with our extensive experience to ensure the campaign and its promotion were at all times in strict adherence with ASA regulations.

Tastes Like Summer

In the summer of 2021 Jollibee launched their Taste Like Summer campaign, unleashing a bundle of activities on the brand’s eager fanbase; from giveaways to merchandise, new menu items, and more.

Sushi were there to bring this to life visually through a variety of eye-catching online and offline promotional materials, and generate a mega splash for the brand throughout those warm weather months with additional activations including influencer outreach, a cohesive paid promotional strategy, and more.

Peach Mango Pie Launch

Jollibee launched their famous Peach Mango Pie in the UK for the first time in 2022. In our on-going management of the Jollibee social profiles, we were well aware that this product was the most anticipated product to be brought to the UK branches, so we ran a small teaser campaign before the launch to get the Jollibee fanbase buzzing. We then turned that hype into full Peach Mango Pie mania, designing a full suite of social posts, in-store menu boards, window stickers, napkin holder designs, and more (much more) to help make this launch not only a success, but a total sell-out.


Sushi’s global team facilitate Jollibee’s European expansion in the UK, Italy and Spain, with our tried and tested Hub & Spoke approach ensuring a centrally devised strategy is locally implemented in each market; tuned to be culturally and linguistically sensitive, and moulded to Jollibee’s offering in each store.

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