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Saitaku offers a range of healthy, Japanese cooking essentials; from wasabi paste to soy sauce, udon noodles and more, enabling you to prepare delicious and authentic Japanese dishes at home.

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Content Creation

Saitaku know Japanese cuisine like the back of their hand… better, even. It has been our job to convey their experience in a way that is useful and accurate to the intended audiences, in a way that is at all times aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Using a fusion of subtle, soft visuals and incorporating the striking signature Saitaku red, Saitaku’s social pages capture attention, inviting viewers to try their hand at preparing authentic Japanese food at home.

Influencer Outreach

We continue to nurture relationships with influencers within our network whom we know to be experts in handling brand promotions. From the quality of their photography to their know-how in the kitchen we very carefully select just the right influencers on an ongoing basis to provide coverage for Saitaku. Their core messaging conveys the quality and authenticity of each of Saitaku’s products, showing audiences who might be new to cooking Japanese food at home how accessible and consumer-friendly these products are. Likewise, the influencer-made imagery and recipes are all sources of fantastic product exposure, and a catalyst for conversation surrounding Japanese cuisine among target foodie audiences.

Strategy Planning


In order to surgically target Saitaku’s two core markets of the UK and The Benelux, we have carefully tailored an extensive strategy to ensure our multi-facted digital activity is reaching and resonating with the most relevant audiences in each region. We are able to track the efficacy of our approach with our social listening tools, capturing with pin-point accuracy how the audiences in these markets are evolving and growing.

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