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For over 40 years YumYum have been producing popular, authentic Thai noodles. With a versatile range of products spanning their Asian Cuisine Range and Authentic Thai Series, they offer plenty of diverse flavours for everyone to enjoy.

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Content Creation

YumYum boast a fanbase that they have amassed over 40 years, but are also an attractive brand personality to younger generations, always welcoming new and trendy foodies into their community. It has therefore been paramount for us to strike balance between resonating with existing fans as well as enticing broader audiences alike. We have done so by fusing quirky and fun pieces with authentic, heritage styles, achieving a novel and cohesive visual identity – giving YumYum a signature look all of their own.

Influencer Outreach

YumYum’s main education piece is that their noodles aren’t simply to be boiled and eaten, but rather are a base for a myriad of creative dishes. In order to convey this message through the carefully selected and enthusiastic influencers within our network, we challenged them to come up with inventive ways of using YumYum Noodles. This could include anything from preparing noodle pancakes, to creating crisp, noodle buns to enclose a burger, whipping up a noodle carbonara, and so on. Their coverage served to inspire wider audiences to also experiment with YumYum noodles in different, delicious ways, making their product more accessible.

Creative Campaigns

New Product Launch

YumYum released a new series of products which are a take on classic Thai dishes including Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Tom Kha Gai using YumYum noodles. To differentiate this particular series from the rest of the product catalogue, we had to create distinct variation within the YumYum brand world. By honing our content creation strategy on the authentic, original ingredients, the content output for the new product range was markedly different; we used less quirky and bright creative, but deeper and richer meal inspiration pieces which focus on the authentic ingredients used in each dish.

We also adapted our broader communications approach, where we’d discuss and educate audiences in a qualitative way about how this series differs, at all times reinforcing the key selling points of this particular range. This carefully tailored approach has given the Thai range its own distinct, signature identity – immediately signalling as authentic, heritage and quality at first glance to audiences, whilst also meshing seamlessly with the broader YumYum brand identity.

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