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Shrub is a lifestyle brand with a moral compass. A philosophy centred around the natural environment. A belief that it can offer the answers to help care for, heal and boost well-being. This results in using the best of science to harness natural organics to create outstanding products that are sustainable, efficacious and ethically sourced.

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Content Creation

Sustainable. Efficacious. Ethically Sourced. Using the natural world as the principle inspiration, we have curated the Shrub aesthetic to ensure that it embodies their brand philosophies. Through abstract, impactful illustrations, educational graphics and delicate, naturally inspired photography, we’ve conveyed the guiding tenets of Shrub’s persona: their moral compass and ambition to educate in a visually pleasing and cohesive way.

Influencer Outreach

We nurture relationships with an incredibly large network of influencers in the beauty and wellbeing sphere, showcasing Shrub’s range of vegan, ethically sourced and proven-to-work products in an on-brand and eye-catching way. Ensuring our influencers are totally aligned with Shrub’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly world, their endorsement strikes as compelling and genuine, inspiring others who are similarly aligned to make the switch from less sustainable alternatives to Shrub.


Monthly Instagram Giveaways

An active and ongoing course of competition giveaways drives large volumes of key audiences to Shrub’s profile each month. We have honed and optimised the Paid Promotion strategy to target Shrub’s ideal customer, who is more likely to practice intentional purchasing habits, live ethically and seek sustainable retail. Not only do they participate in the giveaways, but they are also typically retained in the Shrub community since they align with its wider brand vision.

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