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Beltane&Pop takes childhood favourites and reinvents them for grown up tastes from alcoholic ice pops and slushes to single origin hot chocolate, mulled wine, spiced cider and hot whisky.

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Beltane&Pop create wonderful, whimsical reimaginings of your childhood favourites, and it was our objective to convey the sense of magic and adventure served in every hot chocolate, ice pop or soft serve. Channelling the wonder through surreal imagery and dreamy visuals, we’ve created a curious visual tapestry that beckons to be explored…

Event Coverage

Winter Wonderland

Beltane&Pop are a mainstay of Winter Wonderland, serving seasonal delights from mulled wine to hot chocolates and other treats that will warm you from the inside-out. Our objective was to drive footfall to their Cabinet of Curiosity installation, which we executed via online and offline strategies. Our approach was three-fold:

i) Our talented creative team created dreamy, glistening, kaleidoscopic visuals for the installation itself, so as to attract on-ground customers from afar to try their tasty treats.

ii) Our on-site team captured the essence of Beltane&Pop at Winter Wonderland through photography in a way that resonated beautifully to relevant audiences on social.

iii) Our online team generated a real buzz around them being there through proactive and engaging user-interaction.

These elements ensured that Beltane&Pop left their signature mark on Winter Wonderland, attracting customers from relevant audiences and broader ones alike.

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